Tuesday, October 12, 2010

three hail mary's and a liter of wine

Saturday, August 28th, 2010 - Day 15

Dear Journal, 
          Today is St. Marium's Day, and as I sit in the town square observing the townspeople, I'm rather ambivalent about getting the festivities started. So much of Georgian culture is grounded in the Orthodox Tradition that I'm at a loss when it comes to interacting at times. Evidently, Georgians love to party or 'have suphras' as they like to put it. These events usually entail a disgusting amount of food, wine, and vodka. So naturally this would seem appealing to anyone searching for an outlet to relieve some cultural-shock frustration. Coupled by a long day in church, anybody would be killing for a night off from being the foreigner, the town's special guest, and the new American English teacher. Being nice sometimes takes too much energy.
          Then, I went to an Orthodox Church Service for the first time. Being that I am Muslim, I was told to stand outside the back doors during this TWO hour hoe-down. Did I mention that it was hot as hell, and that there was enough incense burning to smoke out a small hotel? I'm almost certain I nearly choked to death! I was so close to calling a taxi to take me back to civilization where I would have taken the best bubble-bath of my life, glass of pinot grigio in hand. 
          Well, after my first Orthodox Service, I was ready to start any festivity that somehow involved drinking.....

........emotional drinking is never a good idea......this really ought to be a traveling tip......

Sunday, August 29th, 2010 - Day 16

[spotted: Durota re-living her freshmen year of college fast asleep on the toilet seat. Waking up naked on the bathroom floor - too priceless for words]

lesson learned: avoid suphras at all cost!!! Will probably die if that happens again!!!

xo xo m

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