Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surviving Georgia pt. 2

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 - Day 5

~ from the desk of m ~

Dila Mshvidobisa Friends! (clearly that's good morning)
          This should be no surprise when I tell you my body is not only rejecting itself due to unaccustomed foods, but also dying slowly from this exhausting training routine. In between said pot-sittings and cafeteria visits, I'm either sitting in intensive Georgian classes, methodology teaching skills class, or some other meeting where we are constantly bombarded with things we need to know to survive with future host family and village.
........pause....that's right. I said village...
I faintly remember saying once, "This 'Teach and Learn with Georgia' program is just like the Peace Corps but without the mud-huts, squatty-potties, and general lack of civilization." Clearly, I didn't read the fine print. fml. 

[spotted: Durota crying in the corner after discovering her new life for the next year is worst than Section 8 housing.]  

Off to morning classes, 
xo xo m

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