Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surviving Georgia

Monday, August 16th, 2010 - Day 3

~ from the desk of m ~

hello darlings,
          m checking in with the latest news on the happenings/ins & outs of Georgian culture and my ridiculous stumble into half constructed ruins, instant coffee, and speedway driving. Don't worry' that's not even the best part. The past four days have literally been a blur - unfortunately not due to the invisible alcohol consumed or the apparent availability of drugs. If anything, surviving in Geogia simply takes a brilliant amount of naivete, no sense of direction, and a strong stomach. 
          So after traveling on three airplanes, I arrived in bustling Tbilisi, Georgia early evening on Sunday, only to discover that anything that can go wrong....has most definitely gone astray. Evidently, half the entire team of teachers' luggage has been misplaced, leaving me with less than zero chances of impressing my fellow colleagues in latest J-Crew attire, a BO-less body, and a presentable face (mostly due to my anger at still not having said luggage on the third day). Actually, scratch that last part. Who am I kidding?  This face stands out in this crowd. 
          Anyways, so we spend a rather lovely night in the capital city, which includes an exciting tour for those who need to stop at a goodwill because of having no luggage. Aside from the exhaustion of traveling, I quickly learn no one - and I mean no one - follows any sort of driving standards. Stuffed in a mini-van with six others, I grasp on to the seat and fellow colleague in an attempt to avoid having a nervy-b in public (traveling tip # 3, I believe). At one point, our driver, Data (pronounced Daataa) decides he's missed our turn and will reverse in the middle of the road. 

[spotted: Durota cringing in fear, doe-eyed, as incoming vehicles pass a reversing car at high speeds. Will she survive with some sense of dignity? Highly unlikely.]

          Obviously, I survived but not before giggling hysterically from shear fear of being killed as we begin to drive once again in the right direction. Naturally, this would cause some attention. Luckily for me, everyone thought I was enjoying the rush of adventure at nearly loosing my life. Damn I'm good!
          Anyways, so much more to tell, but dinner is calling. Will write soon, promise. 

from georgia to georgia with love, 
xo xo m

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